Are You Honoring Somebody You Love with a Star Dedication Service?

26 June 2019
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Are you honoring somebody you love who is still alive and well? Maybe you are celebrating a special anniversary and you want to honor your spouse with a star dedication service. Or, it might be that you have a brand new grandbaby and you are honoring him or her with a star dedicating service. On the other hand, perhaps you are having a star dedication service for somebody who has passed away. Read More 

Interested In Martial Arts? Consider These Fridge Magnets

29 April 2019
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If you're a martial arts enthusiast, there might be a number of ways that you show this passion. You could have martial arts posters hanging around your home, for example, and you might even have actual weapons — an ancient-looking katana, perhaps — displayed in a case. Another fun way to show your love of martial arts is to shop for appropriate fridge magnets. Many people use a variety of fridge magnets to affix important lists, notes, cards, and other things to their refrigerator doors, and you may be able to find these martial arts-themed magnets. Read More 

Match The Fruity Flavor Of Your Spa Bath Set Products To The Season

11 November 2018
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If you're giving a spa bath set as a gift for any type of occasion, you might be tempted to choose a set that features a specific fruity scent. Such scents are common in spa bath sets for sale, and whether you select orange, mixed berry, green apple, or something else, you can feel confident that the recipient of the gift will appreciate your thoughtfulness. If you decide to go with a fruity scent, it's worthwhile to consider matching it to the season. Read More 

Tips For Buying Used Equipment To Save Money When Opening A New Restaurant

20 September 2018
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Your new restaurant will need a variety of equipment to operate efficiently. You'll need prep tables, major appliances, storage racks, and bus tables to name a few. The cost of the new equipment adds up fast, but you can save money when you buy used restaurant equipment rather than buying everything new. Here are a few tips to know. Buy Late Model Appliances Since so many new restaurants go out of business within the first few years, there is usually a large supply of late model appliances to choose from. Read More 

Doll And Dollhouse Play: It Can Actually Benefit Your Child

25 July 2018
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If your child likes to play with dolls and dollhouses — that's awesome. While the activity might just seem like a way to keep the child active, playing with dolls and dollhouses is also great for your children. Learn how this play can actually help your child. Accountability One excellent lesson that playing with dolls and dollhouses can teach a child is the importance of accountability and responsibility. If the child is the only one who plays with these items, it's up to them to keep the toys in good condition. Read More