Shopping For A Men's Wedding Ring? Two Things To Look For

31 July 2015
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

When it comes to shopping for a men's wedding ring, guys everywhere find themselves stumped. While your girlfriend might have picked out her ring months ago, you might be left staring into countless jewelry cases wondering what to do. Here are two things to look for as you shop for a ring, so that you can be happy with your choice:

1: A Good Price

You spent a small fortune on your future wife's wedding band, so why shouldn't yours be equally as special? Because you will lose it—that's why. Statistically, about four out of every ten men will lose their wedding rings at some point in time. The fact of the matter is that if you invest a lot of money into that band, you might find yourself in a panic when you misplace it some day.

To ward off financial woes, do yourself a favor and don't spend a lot of money on a band. Low-cost materials such as steel, tungsten, and silver are available in attractive designs—without the staggering price tag. To save even more money, shop for wedding bands from online retailers, or see if your local jewelry store has any returned or damaged merchandise for sale. By being thrifty, you might be able to save as much as 70% on your men's ring purchase—so that you can relax if it ever comes up missing.

2: A Comfortable Band

How likely would you be to wear a ring that isn't comfortable? If you want to reduce the temptation to take it off to do other things, make comfort a priority as you shop for a wedding band. Take the time to try on various models to see how they fit, and don't be scared to shop around at different retailers.

Focus on how the band feels between your pinkie and middle finger. Does it rub against your skin? If you close your fingers, does the ring dig into your hand? Also, look for a ring with soft edges that won't chafe your fingers. Some bands have comfort beveling, which helps to reduce friction and provide a more comfortable wearing experience. Make sure that your ring is comfortable enough to wear while you are playing sports, working, or driving.

By finding a comfortable wedding ring for a great price, you might be able to show your devotion to your marriage—without damaging your wallet or your personal comfort. Contact a company such as to learn more.