Don't Waste An Inch Of Your Privacy Fence: Make It The Focal Point Of Your Backyard

14 August 2015
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If you have a privacy fence, you probably appreciate the fact that it provides you with a personal space where you can relax with family and friends. While creating privacy is the main function of the fence, with a little creativity, it can become the focal point of your backyard.

Make it a vertical garden

Purchase a canvas shoe organizer at your local department store to hang on the fence as an herb garden. Fill each hole with potting soil, and you will be ready to plant your herbs. Use a pencil to poke a few holes in the bottom of each pouch to provide adequate drainage.

Use a permanent marker to label each pocket with the name of the herb it contains. With a little water and a few hours of sun each day, you will soon be snipping your own herbs to use in your favorite recipes.

Light it up with decorative hanging lanterns

Place several decorative hanging lanterns along the fence at varying heights. Don't just settle for one design or color of lantern. If you love the rustic look, choose lanterns in distressed finishes or with an antique finish. For a more modern look, purchase decorative hanging lanterns in bold colors and vivid designs.

Placing candles inside the decorative lanterns will provide a subtle ambiance to your outdoor space. Candlelight is the perfect partner for outdoor dinner parties or romantic evenings under the stars.

Decorate it

Choose a theme you love. Are you crazy about the garden look or do you prefer a more romantic style?

For a garden theme, you could hang rustic garden tools and a watering can along the fence. Planting flowers in a watering can or in hanging terra cotta pots will add a nice pop of color. Bird houses will complete the outdoor theme nicely.

If you love a romantic look, an old weather-beaten window frame, with shutters and a window box attached, will look lovely planted with delicate flowers like baby's breath. Petunias, especially the trailing variety, will yield a cascading parade of flowers down the fence.

Old gates, shelves, metal signs, and grapevine wreaths can be used. Anything goes. Make it personal and add items that inspire you.

Dress it up

Once you finish decorating the actual fence, consider adding a few plants and flowers in front of the fence. Tall ceramic pots in graduated heights look stunning when placed along a privacy fence.

Just be careful to choose flower or plant varieties that like partial shade, since a fence will likely block some of the sunlight. Fuchsia, pieris, ferns, hydrangea, and lobelia are good choices.

When you put your fence to work for you, you will gain much more than privacy from your neighbors. Your backyard will be transformed into an extension of who you are.

Whether you choose to enjoy a candlelight dinner for two outdoors or throw a party for all of your friends, your newly decorated privacy fence is sure to be the focal point of your outdoor space for years to come.