Your Graduation Day: How To Stand Out With Makeup, Hair And Your Stole

19 October 2015
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

You might think that there isn't much that you can do with a cap and gown, but there are still some modifications you can make that will not only make you look impressive but signal that you are ready to step into the professional world. 

Your Hair

Consider whether you'd rather have a glamorous or simple look. For a more glamorous look, put your hair in rollers the night before. If you'd rather get an appointment, make sure you book well in advance since salons tend to be busier this time of the year. However, if you want to look cute without looking like you're too focused on your looks, straightening your hair also works well.

If you have shorter hair, another great approach is to style your hair with sideswept bangs. Once your bangs are in place, use hairspray to make sure that they stay where you want them to. Then, your cap will fit perfectly on top of your hairdo.

Your Makeup

One of the challenges of the cap is that it draws attention to your face. Therefore, you will need to do more to coverup your imperfections. Since the cap will cast a shadow on your face, you may need to use more concealer so that you do not look like you have shadows under your eyes. However, graduation is not the best time to wear very bold makeup. Also, keep in mind that you will likely not be able to keep a makeup kit with you for when your makeup smudges.

The Custom Stole

Display your stole proudly. This is one part of your graduation outfit that will stand out the most. If you have academic honors, your stoles will help you stand out from the crowd. While you may be able to order your own custom graduation stoles, find out if there are specific requirements detailed by your school. Many schools provide stoles for their students.

If you are able to select your own, consider the color of your gown and how the stoles will match it. You may also be required to select a color based on your major. Dentists wear lilac, engineers wear orange, economists wear copper and the humanities wears white.

Always consult with your school before choosing your look. There might be specific rules you are expected to follow. But if you are given leeway, use this as an opportunity to express your individuality.