Doll And Dollhouse Play: It Can Actually Benefit Your Child

25 July 2018
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If your child likes to play with dolls and dollhouses — that's awesome. While the activity might just seem like a way to keep the child active, playing with dolls and dollhouses is also great for your children. Learn how this play can actually help your child.


One excellent lesson that playing with dolls and dollhouses can teach a child is the importance of accountability and responsibility. If the child is the only one who plays with these items, it's up to them to keep the toys in good condition. If the child doesn't, they are to blame. 

This level of accountability teaches the child how significant their actions are and that they must think before they do something destructive. While this lesson might be taught during playtime, it will travel with the child.

However, it's important to note that children can be rough at times. So, invest in quality items, like wooden dollhouses, for longer wear. 


When it comes to playing with dolls, there is no roadmap. You have your dolls and the dollhouse, and you have to let your creativity take you from there.

This type of play is fantastic for boosting the creativity and imagination of your child. Each time your child plays, it's almost as if they are putting on their very own stage play.

The creativity and imagination skills they gain during play will travel with them wherever they go. To take it a step further, let your child decorate their dollhouse, as well. This step is great for expanding their creativity even more. 

Social Development

You can't play dolls without some level of back and forth conversation. While these conversations might not seem significant, they are in essence no different than the conversations your child has with an actual person because they also help a child with their social development. 

Based on the theme of the play, the child has to decide how the dolls will interact and react with one another. If you're watchful, you will probably see the child mimic many of their behaviors during playtime with the toys. So, it might even be helpful for you to observe their play from time to time.

For parents, what's better than an activity that your child enjoys, keeps them occupied, and helps them develop skills at the same time — nothing. If your child is interested in dolls and wooden toy dollhouses, let them explore their interest openly.