Tips For Buying Used Equipment To Save Money When Opening A New Restaurant

20 September 2018
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

Your new restaurant will need a variety of equipment to operate efficiently. You'll need prep tables, major appliances, storage racks, and bus tables to name a few. The cost of the new equipment adds up fast, but you can save money when you buy used restaurant equipment rather than buying everything new. Here are a few tips to know.

Buy Late Model Appliances

Since so many new restaurants go out of business within the first few years, there is usually a large supply of late model appliances to choose from. Although these may cost more than much older appliances, buying new models has advantages. They have less wear accumulated on them, and they may even have newer features and increased efficiency. Finding repair parts for newer models is easier, too. If you buy an old stove and it breaks down, you may not be able to get it repaired in a timely manner if parts are hard to find.

Choose Gas Over Electric When Possible

As long as your restaurant has a gas supply, you may want to consider gas appliances over electric models. Many chefs prefer cooking with gas, but there are other important considerations when it comes to buying used equipment. Gas appliances tend to hold up longer, and they have fewer parts that can malfunction and need repairs. That means a used gas appliance is often a safer buy than a used electric model. Plus, it should last longer and give you a better return on your investment.

No matter what type of appliances you buy, inspect them as well as you can, even if it means bringing a technician with you to look the pieces over before you buy. You want to be extra careful since the pieces may not have a warranty.

Buy Quality Brands

Some restaurant equipment manufacturers have better reputations than others. Learn about the best brands so you'll feel more confident in your used equipment purchase. Quality brands that are popular among restaurant owners tend to be more durable and last longer. Plus, repair technicians are familiar with their operation and are likely to have parts on hand. No matter what brands you choose, you'll need to invest in commercial equipment to comply with codes and to have the durability you need for a restaurant kitchen.

Although you'll want to invest in the best you can afford when it comes to appliances and other equipment you'll use often, you'll still save a lot of money when compared to buying new restaurant equipment. With the abundance of late-model used equipment on the market, it makes good financial sense to buy used equipment as long as you inspect it thoroughly and buy from a seller you trust.