Match The Fruity Flavor Of Your Spa Bath Set Products To The Season

11 November 2018
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

If you're giving a spa bath set as a gift for any type of occasion, you might be tempted to choose a set that features a specific fruity scent. Such scents are common in spa bath sets for sale, and whether you select orange, mixed berry, green apple, or something else, you can feel confident that the recipient of the gift will appreciate your thoughtfulness. If you decide to go with a fruity scent, it's worthwhile to consider matching it to the season. Here are some ways that you can proceed in this manner.

Think About The Season

Consider the season during which you're giving the spa bath set as a gift, and then evaluate what type of fruit is popular in supermarkets at this time. If you aren't immediately aware of what fruits are in season, just look at the displays in the produce section of your local supermarket. For example, apples are in season in the late summer and fall — if you're buying the spa bath set at this time, going with a green apple theme will give the gift recipient a selection of bath products that suit the season. If you're giving the spa bath set in the late spring or early summer, a raspberry-themed set will be appropriate.

Buy Some Additional Gifts

You can further increase the fun of giving a spa bath set as a gift by pairing it with something related to the fruit that is featured in the bath products. In the example of the apple theme, consider including a pair of candy apples or caramel apples with the bath set. These snacks are commonly individual wrapped, so you can likely slide them into the bath set with ease — helping to further make this gift appealing to the person to whom you give it. If you're buying a raspberry-themed spa bath set, a pint of fresh raspberries or some homemade raspberry squares can pair well with the gift.

Think Of Other Additions

One of the fun things about giving spa bath sets as gifts is that you can frequently add items to the baskets in which they're sold. To further play on the fruity scent theme, think about buying a scented candle with an appropriate scent. Some spa bath sets come with candles, given the value of candles helping to create a spa-like atmosphere for bathing, but you can easily find the right candle if your spa bath set doesn't already include one.