Are You Honoring Your Parents On Their Fiftieth Anniversary?

20 March 2019
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1969. Doesn't that year seem very long ago to you? If your parents got married that year, that means they have been married for fifty years. That is totally amazing in today's world, right? If they are like most couples, those fifty years were filled with highs and lows, and they got through each bump in the road. For sure it's a great idea to honor your parents on their fiftieth anniversary.

If you already know exactly what your plan is, go for it. Otherwise, from arranging for flower baskets to planning a special program, here are some ideas that might help you to plan an event that is worthy the years that you are helping your parents to celebrate. 

Flower Baskets - Are you having your parent's anniversary celebration at your home or at an event facility? Either way, the decorations will play a big part in setting the state. Consider arranging for professionals, such as from Marine Florists, to deliver flower baskets that will be placed in places like dining tables as centerpieces. If you are having a display of things like photographs from the time your parents got married to the present day, a flower arrangement would more than likely add beauty to the display table, too.

If you don't know already, find out if your mother and father have particular flowers that are their favorites. For example, maybe your father has a special feeling for the rose garden he tends at home. Maybe your mother is known for her amazing African violets. In either case, consider asking the florist to use those flowers in the anniversary flower baskets.

Another idea is to find a picture of your mother in her wedding dress. In the picture she will probably be carrying a floral bouquet. Consider taking that picture to the florist so that the bouquet can be copied. The great thing about hiring professionals is that they will have the training and the experience to create any flower arrangement you want. Or, they will be happy to make suggestions about what would be great for your parent's event. For example, since it is a golden anniversary, told ribbon might be part of the floral arrangements. 

A Special Program - Have you already thought of showing a movie that you create yourself from pictures in your parent's photo collection? The younger guests who come to the event will probably love seeing pictures from the olden days. Those who are close to your parent's ages will probably love going down memory lane along with your mom and dad.

Think of hiring a DJ to provide dance music. Be sure to include the song your parents consider their song, and have music that both young and older folks will love. And, of course, you'll want to toast your parents for the fifty years they've been married.