Interested In Martial Arts? Consider These Fridge Magnets

29 April 2019
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

If you're a martial arts enthusiast, there might be a number of ways that you show this passion. You could have martial arts posters hanging around your home, for example, and you might even have actual weapons — an ancient-looking katana, perhaps — displayed in a case. Another fun way to show your love of martial arts is to shop for appropriate fridge magnets. Many people use a variety of fridge magnets to affix important lists, notes, cards, and other things to their refrigerator doors, and you may be able to find these martial arts-themed magnets.

Three-Dimensional Throwing Stars

One fun type of martial arts fridge magnet that will definitely catch the attention of visitors to your home is a set of three-dimensional throwing stars. Made of shiny plastic that looks like metal, these magnets are designed in a way that makes it appear as though they're partially buried in the door of your fridge. It's as though you through some throwing stars at the fridge from across the kitchen, perhaps as a way of practicing your precision. You'll get a lot of double takes from people as they enter your kitchen, and this can give everyone some good laughs.


Many popular superheroes in comic, video games, and movies practice different types of martial arts. Given the popularity of superheroes in today's culture, you won't have any trouble finding magnets that reflect your favorite characters. There are all sorts of funny ways that you can display them. For example, if a character appears to be jumping or kicking, you can position this magnet close to the fridge door handle to give the illusion that he or she has jumped off the handle. When you get an entire set of superhero magnets, you'll have some laughs as you place them around the door and the sides of the appliance.

Famous Martial Artists

Your love of the martial arts means that you might be an aficionado of a number of famous martial arts from throughout history. Fortunately, whether you're into Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, or someone else, you can often find funny fridge magnets that reflect these notable characters. You'll have fun shopping for these magnets and positioning them in funny ways, perhaps by combining them with other magnets that you've placed around your fridge. One option is to choose magnets of these martial artists in fighting poses, and set them up as though they're fighting against one another.