Are You Honoring Somebody You Love with a Star Dedication Service?

26 June 2019
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Are you honoring somebody you love who is still alive and well? Maybe you are celebrating a special anniversary and you want to honor your spouse with a star dedication service. Or, it might be that you have a brand new grandbaby and you are honoring him or her with a star dedicating service. On the other hand, perhaps you are having a star dedication service for somebody who has passed away. From arranging for star registration for somebody you love to planning a special service, here are some ideas that might help you.

Dedicate a Star for Someone You Love 

Does it seem far fetched to pay money for star registration? After all, why can't you just go outside at night, point to the brightest star you see and proclaim it to be for a certain somebody. Of course, you can do that. However, think of all the other people who will select the same bright star. Doesn't that mean that the star is being shared by many people?

Think of arranging for a star registration. Your registration will include certification documents. Part of the registration will even include software that will help you to locate your star any day of the year or any place you find yourself. For example, on the birthday of the person you are honoring, the software will help you find the star that is registered to you. If you are on a beach vacation, you can find the star from that location. 

Arrange for Star Dedicating Services 

No matter who the person is that is being honored, consider having a special service. For example, if you are remembering somebody who passed away on a certain date, invite close family members and friends to remember the deceased person with a star dedication service. Or, maybe you are celebrating a special birthday, say your child's twenty-first birthday. Are you hosting a party for that event? If so, consider arranging the starting time so that guests can go outside in the dark for the star dedicating service.

Make the service unique. For example, have somebody sing a song about stars. Something like Starlight, All Of The Stars or When You Wish Upon A Star would all be good choices. Maybe each person who is in your group can share what he or she thinks makes the honored person a star. Or, you could give a meaningful talk about why the honored person is a shining star that touches many lives, including your own.