Do You Love Paris, Texas?

14 December 2019
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Are you from Paris, Texas? Maybe you once visited friends in that charming town and you fell in love with it. If that's the case, maybe you keep going back to Paris. If that's the case, maybe you want to give Paris-themed gifts to friends and family members this Christmas. Here are some ideas that might help you.

​Buy Lots Of Paris, Texas, T-shirts - Whether it's a gift for your grandmother and grandfather, for your siblings, little cousins or anybody else, the gift of a Paris, Texas, T-shirt will probably be received with delight. There are certainly many styles available. Plus, you could even design your own Paris-themed T-shirts.

You can buy a T-shirt that already has a heart placed right where Paris is found on the Texas map or choose a T-shirt that has "I [Heart] Paris, Texas." That, of course, stands for I Love Paris, Texas. A picture or sketch of the famous Eiffel Tower on Paris, Texas, T-shirts would also be a great gift.

If you decide that you want to design your own Paris T-shirts, that will make your gifts even more fun. Here are some ideas of designs you could use:

  • A T-shirt that says "I Left My Heart In Paris, Texas." 
  • The words "Midnight In Paris" with photos of Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams on the front of the T-shirt.
  • "I Love Paris In The Springtime," a take of the classic song, would be a good design, too. 

Get Other Gifts

T-shirts aren't the only gifts you can purchase in Paris, Texas. Choose things like Paris coffee mugs, key rings, and other paraphernalia that can make great stocking stuffers.

Create your own Paris-themed gifts. For example, take pictures of the stores on old Main Street and other local attractions and place them in frames. Framed photographs of the surrounding Texas countryside would also be wonderful gifts. Take a picture of the sign that says, "Entering Paris, Texas," and frame it, too.

If you see little children playing in different locations, get permission to take their pictures, too. When you place the photographs in a frame, add a caption to the picture that says something like, ​"Paris People Start Off Adorable And Keep Getting Even Better." That kind of gift might be perfect for a friend or family member who actually lives in Paris, Texas.

Whether you give a Paris, Texas, T-shirt or another Paris-themed gift, don't forget a card that tells others how much this little town means to you. 

For more information, visit a website like ParisTexas.Gifts