Why an Area Rug Can Work Well in a Hallway

4 January 2021
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

A lot of people think to place area rugs in large spaces such as their living rooms or dining rooms, but there are many other parts of the house for which area rugs can be a smart choice. You might not immediately think about using an area rug in one of the hallways of your home, but this may be an idea to explore. Take the measurements of the hallway in question, and then visit your local rug retailer to find one that will work. You'll not only need to choose a long and thin rug that will fit the hallway, but also one that has a color scheme that will complement the wall color and decor in this part of your home.

Here are some reasons that an area rug can work well in a hallway.

It Can Make the Hallway Not Seem as Long

Some hallways in homes can look very long, and this is often due to how narrow they are. If you don't like the long look of your hallway, an area rug is one option for changing the appearance of this space. You'll often find that placing an area rug in the hallway will visually break up the lengthy look of this part of your home, making it more appealing and inviting. Remember, the rug doesn't have to run the entire length of the hallway. Even having it cover a small part of this space can provide a dramatic visual change.

It Can Improve Traction

If you have children, you might constantly be worried about them running down the hall — especially if they slip in their sock feet and occasionally stumble. A long, hardwood hall is tempting for kids to run and slide down, but the addition of an area rug will immediately make this space safer. When you have an area rug in place, your children will have more traction when they walk or run down the hall. This can give you more peace of mind that your children will be safe.

It Can Reduce Echoes

A long hallway can produce echoes, which means that each time someone shuts a door along the length of the hallway, this sound will reverberate. If you're the type of person who strives to keep a quiet and calm home, this constant noise may bother you. Adding an area rug is ideal because the softness absorbs sounds instead of allowing them to echo off the hard floor and walls. You're apt to notice a slightly quieter space after placing your area rug in the hallway.