A Candle That Can Be Part Of A Care Package

27 January 2022
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

If a loved one will be away from home for a while, they may begin longing for the familiarity that no longer surrounds them. A candle that prompts positivity may ease the unsettled feeling that a family member or friend is experiencing.

Memories And Scents

The smell of a particular flower or a baked good may remind an individual of their favorite vacation destination or their childhood. Memories are frequently tied to scents. An offensive scent can bring up bad memories and a pleasant scent can bring up good memories. Knowing the person who will be receiving a candle gift will allow you to shop for a product that is reflective of their interests or positive memories.

Think about what type of memory you would like to induce. If there is a particular scent that is tied to your home and the person who will be on the receiving end used to live with you, shop for a product that is symbolic of the scents that are experienced in your residence or on your property.

Shipping Practices

Soy candles do not contain chemicals or dyes and are perfectly safe to ship nationwide. A glass canister is fairly sturdy and may be used to house the new candle that you decide to purchase. Look at the bottom of the candle canister to determine if the base will lay flat within a cardboard carton. To prevent a candle from breaking during shipment, you can use some packing peanuts or other shipping materials to stabilize the candle within a box.

If you would rather leave the shipping process up to the seller, provide the recipient's name and address when you purchase a candle product. A candle company may furnish you with a tracking number. This will allow you to keep a close eye on the status of your shipment, without needing to notify the recipient about the candle that is on the way to their home. 


Some candle companies offer discounts that a new or established consumer can take advantage of. If you are eligible for a discount, you can purchase yourself a positivity candle or can provide other family members and friends with them. One way to get everyone special in your life accustomed to taking time out to relax and reflect upon positive thoughts is by planning on purchasing candles for each of their birthdays or for an upcoming holiday that will warrant a gift exchange.

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