Buying Advice For Shungite Pendant Necklaces

18 July 2022
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

One of the more unique stones found in the world today is shungite, which is pretty easy to distinguish because of its black color and carbon makeup. If you're looking to purchase an elite shungite pendant necklace to show this stone off everywhere you go, take these actions.

Decide Between Standard and Custom

There are a lot of different shungite pendant necklaces already available on the marketplace, but you can also have one customized for a personal touch. It just depends on what you're looking to get out of this pendant necklace. For instance, if you want to buy a shungite pendant quickly, standard options give you a lot to work with.

However, if you have specific preferences for the shungite pendant such as its shape or carbon percentage, having this jewelry item customized is probably better. You'll just have to find a custom jeweler that works with shungite regularly.

Choose a Design That Inspires

In order to gain inspiration from your shungite pendant necklace each time you look at it, you need to choose the right design. Jewelers that work with this stone can do a lot of extraordinary things thanks to the way they can cut this stone with innovative tools.

It helps to browse a couple of shungite pendants that already exist and then figure out what you like most. It might be a specific shape, the way shungite shines, or how supplementary materials are incorporated throughout. Just try to come to a firm decision with the design so that you want to wear this pendant necklace over and over.

Make Sure Necklace Is Well-Built

If you want to get many years out of wearing a shungite pendant necklace, then you need to find a variety that's well-built. That can depend on the way shungite is cut, how it's positioned on a necklace, and the additional resources that hold it together.

You'll have no trouble assessing the build quality for a shungite pendant necklace if you shop in person and hold these necklaces in your hands. Then you can see just how durable they are and how likely it is that they'll last. 

There are a lot of great pendant necklaces you can purchase today, but those featuring shungite are some of the more coveted because of their healing properties. If you work out what a perfect shungite pendant necklace would look like to you, it will be easy to make a selection.