Three Popular Wall Sconce Materials

10 January 2023
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

Wall sconces can be a good lighting option to have in numerous areas of your home. Not only can this type of fixture work well in your entry area and one or more hallways, but it can also add a cozy look to your primary bedroom. If you're interested in buying a wall sconce, visit a local or online lighting store to evaluate your options. These retailers typically carry a wide selection of sconces, which will allow you to find the right look for your home. One thing that you'll notice is that wall sconces are available in several different materials. Here are three popular options.


You can expect to see a large number of wall sconces that have a metal design. While virtually all of these light fixtures have some metal, there are many sconces that are entirely made of this material. Among all-metal sconces, the overall look can vary significantly. Some metal sconces have a sleek and modern look, often featuring brushed steel or shiny stainless steel. Others can appear a little more rustic, with copper finishes that can have a distressed appearance. If you're looking for something that has a classic look, a brass wall sconce may appeal to you.


There are also lots of wall sconces on the market that prominently feature glass. While these fixtures have some metal, their use of glass tends to be a focal point. For example, you'll see a lot of sconces that have large glass shades. The appearance of the shade can vary significantly. Some are clear, while others are frosted and even tinted in different colors. The shades can vary also in shape, with some being curved and others having a square or rectangular shape.


Many lighting stores also carry a selection of wall sconces that feature wood. Wood can appear in one or more areas. Some of these sconces have a wooden shade, while others feature a prominent piece of wood that sits directly against the wall and supports the metal hardware that holds the light socket. The look of the wood can vary from formal to rustic. The former will often be highly polished, while the latter can have a slightly distressed appearance. Wooden wall sconces can feature all sorts of different wood types, so you can choose a fixture that matches other types of wood in your home.

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