Why Customized Dorm Pillowcases Make Fun Gifts For College Students

2 August 2023
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When a kid heads off to college, it is often a bittersweet moment. In fact, leaving home is a big adjustment filled with both excitement and a little apprehension. It is important to make a dorm room feel as much like home as possible to make the transition easier, and a customized dorm pillowcase can make a big difference. 

Dress up any dorm bed

Dorm rooms are often small and can be rather mundane in appearance. The bed is usually the main focal point in the room, so it is important to make it look welcoming and attractive. A custom pillowcase will go a long way in brightening up the room.

Custom pillowcases allow college students to show off their favorite color or add a fresh pop of color to a neutral room. They make it possible for college students to create a little fun competition by showing off their favorite sports team logos. Custom pillowcases are also helpful for college students to keep their bed linens separate from their roommate's bed linens. 

Express yourself

Adding a favorite quote or slogan to a customizable pillowcase is a good way for college students to express their beliefs and share what they are most passionate about. They may wish to share their faith by having a favorite Bible verse added to a pillowcase. They will also enjoy having their names or initials added to a customizable pillowcase.

You can also turn a favorite photo into a customizable pillowcase. Having a pet's photo put on a pillowcase is a great way for college students to keep their pets close to them while they are away from home. They may also enjoy having pictures of their family or friends made into a custom pillowcase.

Match each season

Swapping out a pillowcase for each new season is a fun way to decorate a dorm and keep it from becoming monotonous. Perfect for a going away to college gift, a set of pillowcases to showcase each season is sure to be appreciated by any college student. You can also have custom pillowcases designed in holiday themes. 

The great thing about custom pillowcases is you have endless options for design styles and color choices. You can choose multiple pillowcases to change the look of a bed to match a specific season or event. Custom dorm pillowcases are an affordable accent item that will dress up any bed and make a big impact in any dorm room.

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